How the toys are made?

We have a family workshop and we make toys from the wood which grows in our region. We think and produce all the toys in Moldova and we buy all raw materials for the toys in Moldova, except for the German oil. For the cotton bags for packing toys, we work with moms who work from home, small local companies that need support.

Do you have guarantees?

We are confident in the quality of our toys and products. If they do not fit you, please send us an email and we will offer a replacement or refund.

How are your toys treated, are they safe?

Our toys and products are wholesome. We use German quality oils, have the strictest EN71 safety certificate and are approved for the treatment of children's toys.

Do the toys smell?

The flaxseed oil we use smells like flaxseed oil. All toys and objects, by the way, have a very subtle and pleasant natural smell of wood and oil.

Why is the toy not smooth?

Our toys are tactile, velvety. This is because we do not varnish them. All lacquers are not really good. They overlap the texture of the wood and it is not felt. Our toys are textured, so the child develops motor skills and tactility. These toys are more convenient to build with because they do not slip. At the same time, everything is safe and splinter-free.

How do I take care of toys?

The wood has self-disinfecting properties. In addition, our toys are always covered with oil, which protects the wood from dirt. They can be wiped with a dry or damp cloth without mechanical abrasion or cleaning agents.

Do you sell wholesale or contract?

Yes, you can find out more by contacting us at info@gugagaga.shop.

What is the life expectancy of your toys?

Our toys can be passed down from generation to generation, and that is our big dream. They are simple and durable, made of natural wood, so do not store them near radiators or humidifiers. Everything is safe, but theoretically the wood can be chewed, so if the child is under 3 years old, we recommend to keep an eye on him while playing.

The toy that is no longer in stock, will it be?

If it is still displayed on our site, then yes. By subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Instagram, you'll stay up to date with all the news.