Our Story

Wholesome toys for a creative childhood.



GUGAGAGA began its journey in 2019, when we created the first educational panels. It all started with a big dream that is now beginning to take shape, we are Andrei and Marcela, who laid the foundations of a family workshop that thinks and creates wholesome wooden toys. In the creative process we are guided by a set of values that we promote. Everything we create is sustainable, with an authentic design, toys and objects with an emotional value, that have stories in time. We create toys with a timeless design, due to their durability they can be passed down from generation to generation as it used to be, and this means stopping and diminishing consumerism but also promoting rational consumer thinking.


Fondatorii brandului de jucării din lemn GUGAGAGA, Andrei Gramatschii și Mastac Marcela.

Our approach is for each toy to convey emotions, memories, values, many of them are and will be inspired by our culture.

The toys are designed in such a way that they can be combined with each other. Most toys are open-ended, with no rules or patterns, the child plays with them as he feels, they promote free play and creativity, grow with the child and adapt to his interests.
We love the idea of a small family workshop where everything is done by hand with good thoughts and positive energy. At every stage we put care and love - you will surely feel it as soon as you take a toy in your hand.
We make objects and toys in small series and we believe that wooden toys have soul, due to the uniqueness of the wood texture.
It is valuable for us that we can promote the concept of "Made in Moldova", this allows us to oversee the entire production process and pay attention to every detail.
Our collection grows slowly, conscientiously, with a dedication to a truly inspired childhood. We can affirm that we love what we do. We are proud of the change we bring and of our every progress.