Sculptor's Set (Brâncuși) | Warm

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Unlock creativity and learning with our Brâncuși-inspired Sculptor's Set. This variant includes 24 pieces in 4 warm colors and 6 shapes, perfect for beginners to explore architecture, art, and mathematics with your child. Ideal for developing cognitive skills and nurturing young imaginations. Dive into creative play!
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Introduce your child to a blend of art and learning with our Sculptor's Set, inspired by the iconic works of Constantin Brâncuși. This set, a highlight of our GEOMETRIC collection, encourages young minds to explore form, balance, and symmetry through play, fostering an appreciation for modern art and architecture.

Our sets cater to different levels of creativity and complexity. This variant includes 24 pieces in 4 warm colors and 6 shapes, perfect for beginners. Each piece is designed to spark imagination, introduce fundamental mathematical concepts like addition and subtraction, and nurture innate creativity through the assembly of varied shapes and colors. From the golden glow of the morning sun to the rich earth tones of autumn foliage, this set captures the essence of a sunny day in the palm of your child's hand.

Beyond merely constructing towers, these sets offer endless possibilities for play, learning, and artistic expression when combined with other items from our GEOMETRIC collection. They not only inspire creativity but also promote cognitive development, allowing children to delve into the world of architectural structures and explore the infinite potential of their imagination.

Our Sculptor's Sets are more than toys; they are educational experiences that contribute to the harmonious development of your child, inviting them on an engaging journey into the realm of art and knowledge. With these sets, dedicated to your little explorer, every play session becomes a step toward discovering the fascinating world of art, creativity, and learning.

*Due to the color of the natural wood grain, some pieces may appear lighter or darker than one another.


This toy is made in Moldova, due to the manual workmanship and the material used, each product is unique. Wood is a natural, uneven material, often with knots, stains or rough areas, and the resulting toys are unique and may have small variations or spots of color. They are not deemed a fault and are not a reason to replace the product.

All our toys are handmade, and in order to provide you with safe and quality products, each toy is carefully checked during its making and before delivery.

There may be unforeseen delays due to customs control or weather conditions, so we cannot guarantee how long the transport will take. If you are concerned about your order, please contact us at