Hello! I'm Marcela from GUGA GAGA, and today I want to discuss an essential aspect when choosing toys for children: color. If you buy toys for your child, relatives, or friends with children, this information is absolutely necessary to know.
Surely, you have experienced a toy that your child wanted so badly ending up forgotten in a closet. And you feel disappointed about the money you spent in vain… Behind a beloved toy, cherished in the long term, there are several aspects, including color.

The Importance of Colors in Choosing Toys

At GUGA GAGA, we passionately create healthy wooden toys. Initially, in our quest to be as original as possible, we let them be "pure wood." However, after some time, the question arose: "What colors should we dress them in to be authentic?"

The colors of toys are not just decorative elements. They have a profound impact on children's development. From birth, children see the world differently than adults. For example, newborns perceive only strong contrasts of black and white. As they develop, they start distinguishing vibrant colors, which can influence their mood and behavior.

How Colors Influence Children's Development

One Sunday evening, I went to the bookstore to buy three books from my waiting list: a romance novel, a book on philosophy, and one on psychology. But after picking up the books I came for, I usually spend another hour or so wandering through the aisles. That's how I discovered "Antiparenting" by Savatie Baștovoi. It is a wonderful book that every conscious parent should read to avoid making common mistakes with toys.

I will try to summarize the author's statements succinctly. "The fact that we do not have organs through which to vomit the colors or sounds that harm us, as we do with spoiled food or drinks, does not mean that chromatic toxins do not harm us just as much."

This is a reality. Children are very sensitive to visual stimuli, and colors play a crucial role in their cognitive and emotional development. For example:

  • Red: Stimulates energy and enthusiasm but can induce agitation if overused.
  • Blue: Has a calming effect, promoting relaxation and concentration.
  • Yellow: Associated with happiness and optimism, but too much yellow can cause anxiety.
  • Green: Symbolizes nature and tranquility, making it perfect for toys that encourage exploration and creativity.

    Studies on Colors and Children's Development

  • Studies have shown that exposure to appropriate colors can significantly improve children's cognitive development. For instance, contrasting colors help develop vision and visual attention in infants. As children grow, vibrant colors and different shades can stimulate creativity and imagination.

    I am grateful that I came across this book just when we were launching the Royal Forest set (lime, walnut, poplar, fir, willow), 3 of which are colored in pastel green. The paint is German, EN71, made from mineral oils, hard beeswax, and natural pigments. These pastel colors are not only safe but also calm and encourage natural exploration.

    Avoiding Harsh Colors

    Pay a bit more attention! "Chromatic excitation (…) is an abuse of the inner balance." "Children do not like harsh colors; they only instinctively react to them." "The causes of agitation, lack of attention and interest, as well as other disorders manifested by children, are partly due to the chromatic aggressions they are subjected to from infancy."

    Now, between a harsh, chromatically/sonically violent toy and a calm toy inspired by nature, there is only one choice. And the choice is yours, dear Parent, because a healthy culture cultivated from infancy will form an adult addicted to beauty.

    Choosing the right colors for children's toys is a crucial part of the selection process. Colors have a profound impact on children's cognitive and emotional development, and avoiding harsh colors in favor of natural and pastel ones can have significant benefits.

    So, next time you choose a toy, think about the long-term impact its color can have on your child. And remember, a quality toy with the right colors is an investment in your child's future. Thank you for reading, and I hope these tips are helpful to you! If you're waiting for the end of this article to click on the link with the trees, now is the time to do it. It would be a pity for parents not to know the life lessons these trees can offer. “In the alley among the trees You will never notice That they compare the loved ones Or make any judgment.”


    Now, I invite you to reflect on the colors in your child's life and how they influence their development. At GUGA GAGA, we are dedicated to creating toys that are not only beautiful and safe but also contribute to the harmonious and healthy growth of children.

    With love,
    Marcela from GUGA GAGA

    See you in the next article, where we’ll explore another delightful aspect of child development!


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